Within the Neuromics Support Facility, the data generated by the omics research projects are managed by the BIOINFO Unit. A coherent data analysis workflow is provided by the our bioinformatics experts by creating, maintaining, improving and automating pipelines fully integrated in the NSF services. For inquiries please contact: BioIT@uantwerpen.be.

Available analyses

  • Standardized long and short read data analysis - alignment, variant calling and structural variant calling, annotation
  • Methylation calling for ONT long read sequencing
  • Advanced, flexible project based consulting and analyses (e.g. long read isoform detection)

Computing resources

Our computing resources NSF's bioinformatics team relies mainly on in-house computing for pipelines. We do have access to the VSC for larger projects. Our storage array is expanding and currently exists out of 2PB raw storage.

Data delivery options

Based on the clients whishes and size of the transferable data we offer multiple options :

  • SFTP (default)
    SSH File Transfer Protocol, is secure, confidential, authenticated and cross-platform for most download sizes (up to a few TB). We also provide help document obtaining the data.
  • Web based
    For small downloads, we provide you with a unique authenticated url to download straight to your device via the browser.
  • Cloud solutions
    Upon request we can upload the data to a cloud of your choosing such as Google Drive or Amazon's S3 secure storage.
  • Other solutions are also possible for specific cases.

Our experts

Peter De Rijk

Research Associate

Svenn D'Hert

BioIT Technician
System Administrator