Within the Neuromics Support Facility, the data generated by the omics research projects are managed by the BIOINFO Unit. A coherent data analysis workflow is provided by the our bioinformatics experts by creating, maintaining, improving and automating pipelines fully integrated in the NSF services.

Available analyses

Transcriptomics :

  • Data and alignment quality control, mapping to reference genomes, gene expression quantification
  • Discovery of transcripts and isoforms
  • Differential expression analysis of genes, isoforms and exons
  • Gene co-expression analysis and differential network analysis
  • Variant calling and allele specific expression
  • Functional analysis
  • Support for manuscript preparation (full description in the methods section, customized plotting and reporting of the results)

Computing resources

Our computing resources NSF's bioinformatics team, relies on in-house computing power due to the sensitivty and data size requirements of our work. As such we have an extensive computing capability, including two clusters and an array of storage devices.

Data delivery options

Based on the clients whishes and size of the transferable data we offer multiple options :

  • Web based
    On our user authenticated, web platform, a download link can be provided.
  • Data carrier
    Depending on the data size, using USB sticks or portable hard disk drives.
  • Cloud solutions
    Upon request we can upload the data to a cloud of your choosing such as Google Drive or Amazon's S3 secure storage.

Our experts

Peter De Rijk

Research Associate

Svenn D'Hert

BioIT Technician
System Administrator